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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hot Off The Digital Press-Ron Paul Is The Only Candidate Who Can Win The Election

Don't take it from me. In the immortal words of the late Jean Shepherd, "I don't make the news, I just report it." Well, I'm reporting what someone else is reporting. Stratfor, the intelligence service that a lot of the heavy hitters pay big bucks for has a piece today, Gaming the U.S. Elections where they prove that no Democrat or Republican can win the election. Imagine, Ron Paul is not nominated and we have four years without a president. Ooh, that does send cold, sensual chills all up and down my spine and is probably the only thing that one can contemplate better than Ron Paul winning.

Enough digression. Let's look at the relevant passage.

no sitting senator has won the presidency since Kennedy. The reason is, again, simple. Senators make speeches and vote, all of which are carefully recorded in the Congressional record. Governors live in archival obscurity and don't have to address most issues of burning importance to the nation. Johnson came the closest to being a sitting senator but he too had a gap of four years and an assassination before he ran. After him, former Vice President Nixon, Gov. Carter, Gov. Reagan, Vice President Bush, Gov. Clinton and Gov. Bush all won the presidency. The path is strewn with fallen senators.

That being the case, the Democrats appear poised to commit electoral suicide again, with two northern senators (Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) in the lead, and the one southern contender, John Edwards, well back in the race. The Republicans, however, are not able to play to their strength. There are no potential candidates in Texas or California to draw on. Texas right now just doesn't have players ready for the national scene. California does, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is constitutionally ineligible by birth. In a normal year, a charismatic Republican governor of California would run against a northern Democratic senator and mop the floor. It's not going to happen this time.

Instead, the Republicans appear to be choosing between a Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, and a former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani. Unless Texan Ron Paul can pull off a miracle, the Republicans appear to be going with their suicide hand just like the Democrats. Even if Fred Thompson gets the nomination, he comes from Tennessee, and while he can hold the South, he will have to do some heavy lifting elsewhere.

The Edwards hypotheses fails as he is really no different from Thompson. They are essentially the same grade phony. If one has a problem, the other has the same.

Thus, unless the Republicans want to commit suicide and leave the nation executiveless for four years, their only choice is Ronnie.

How come only guys with the name Ron can save that hapless party.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Plus ça change

Part of Hillary's statement on Libby,

"This commutation sends the clear signal that in this Administration, cronyism and ideology trump competence and justice."

Remember when the Dems called the Bush Père term the Reagan-Bush Administration. That was of course, dumb because they were tying a popular president to a loser and that could only help the loser, though it was hardly enough to overcome his grand mal loserdom.

It would not be unfair to call the current and last presidencies the Clinton-Bush administration for more than just pardons. However, when Madame is enthroned, I am sure she will give us no reason to tie three administrations together. Well, I'm not absolutely sure.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Casino is Closed

A couple of posts ago, I asked for odds on whether I. Skateboard Libby would be pardoned before Ramos and Compean, The Border Two. Well, though my few readers must not be gamblers, no matter, we have an answer. I. Skateboard Libby will get to skate (or is that scoot?). No pardon, just commutation.

the voice of humility also asked if there was any speculation as to the relative comfort of the skater as opposed to the Border Two would experience during their respective sentences. The question is now moot, as himself will be poolside.

Now, there are whiners out there saying how trivial what he did was. I did not think that Bill Clinton should have suffered legally for his peccadilloes. That was the province of the First Harridan. Once he lied under oath, he deserved to be impeached and removed from office. Anyone who is privileged with high office and can't obey the law when they are part of the executive branch charged with enforcing it, deserves the book thrown at them. As it is, I did not believe there was one law for everyone before this, so I did not have to rush to the emergency room to be treated for shock.