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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Pink Swastika and Immigration

About a week and a half ago here in the Peoples' Republic, we saw raw power at work. Opponents of homosexuals marrying had worked to get the question on the ballot. The legislature was required to vote on the measure. Having fulfilled prior requirements, if the referendum advocates had gotten fifty votes in the joint session of the legislature acting as a constitutional convention, the measure would appear on the ballot in the next general election. The day before the vote, the referendum advocates were sure of their reps and senators. The day of the actual ballot, they had lost. Several who had been counted as solid were turned.

In Massachusetts, raw power was unleashed. What promises were made are beyond my knowledge. There were all manner of carrots and sticks available to the gay lobby and its wholly owned subsidiary, Governor Deval Patrick. Many Massachusetts legislators have skeletons in their closet and it would not be without the realm of possibility that their peccadilloes were exploited.* Talk radio mentioned some job offers.

Now, I've stated my view on same sex marriage. I am a get the government out of marriage and anything else they botch. I have no illusions that the greatest beneficiaries of happy or gay marriage will be a corps of attorneys breaking new ground in the specialty of “gay” divorce law.

The basic point here is that if there is something a group, cabal, elite, whatever, wants, they can get it no matter what the constituency wants. They can bring extreme force to bear where it is most effective, while no matter how broad popular resistance is, it can almost never do the same.

Anyone who believes the anti immigration forces have the momentum should think again. I pray the day is won, but, I would not bet on it. Every second, the forces of amnesty are not resting. If there is something in a fence sitters record that can be exploited, it will be. The resistance has little such power except, maybe, a loss of popularity amongst the voters for a Senator who goes against their desire. Depending on the time between the vote and re-election, that has only so much value.

For a more in depth discussion of the issue from an insider (Paul Weyrich), see on immigration and on Massachusetts.

*So many of our solons have had the opportunity for government housing including room and board that Boston columnist, Howie Carr will put in his column when citing such miscreants, Rep. John Smith (D-MCI Norfolk) or for federal offenders Sen Mike Jones (D-Danbury). MCI=Massachusetts Correctional Institution. The two Ds are not because Democrats are inherently more criminal than Republicans. Rather, it is because there are few Republicans in the legislature so there are more members of the Cargo Cult in legal trouble at any one time.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


First, this is not an offer of, or request for wagers. We comply with all federal laws regarding betting.

I am the son of a man who was a fairly successful small time gambler and I have given much thought as to why he did much better than his friends (and they were his friends, his company being so pleasant, I doubt anyone felt taken). I have given his good fortune a lot of thought and have come to the conclusion, if you wish to win at cards, play with people who are not as smart as you. I would also aver self control is important. Those suggestions are made in the abstract as my mom would have killed him had he taught me the craft.

So is there a point here. I hope so. If anyone has an idea the odds of I. Skateboard Libby being pardoned before Ramos And Compean (The Border Two), The casino would like to hear out of a certain curiosity.

Also, now that Skateboard is going to the slammer, any speculation as to the relative comfort of himself as opposed to the Border Two is welcome.

Monday, June 11, 2007

They Also Serve

Most of the bloggers to the right have commented wisely and well on the immigration bill. Unfortunately, the influence of bloggers is slight.

A couple of writers are on the list who might receive some stipend for their efforts. They, in this, maybe the most important question of my adult life, have not seen fit to comment. I suspect the subject is not cool enough for them to expose how they really feel.

There is one class of commenter on whom I must lavish fulsome praise. They are not my faves and I am not excited in having to shower them with homage. Let's face it, without talk radio, the game would have been up.

So does this make up for all the shilling that was done to get us into war and to keep us there. That is not for me to render an opinion on. There are 3500+ who have the final say on that.

“Jockey of Norfolk, be not too bold, For Dickon, thy master, is bought and sold.”

I thought the fix was in. I thought the chutzpah necessary to even bring forward such a transparently horrible bill meant that the powers that be had it all figured out. I've read a lot on the subject and it is becoming just a big blur as every one speculates on who is behind what. This is the grandest scam in my life. Tonkin gulf, WMD, small potatoes. A few photos of NV torpedo boats and anyone can start a war. No, this is really big. To swindle folks on something so against their interest, that they know to be against their interest, can not be anything but gargantuan. The shock is, with every lie and liar in place, it did not work.

I don't have to discuss the Democrats. Enough of them in any legislature have an antipathy toward their country that they would want to make foreigners who don't want to come here immigrate. No, it is the Republicans who, if I thought they had any honor at all would boggle my mind.

Now, they are all professional politicians and are not to be trusted, but here is something in which GOPers are betraying the base while insulting its intelligence. I am not impressed with my countrymen's choices (granted the choices are not exciting in the main). Still, most of them, I should say us, are smart enough to know we are hearing people trying to put a shine on a sneaker. Still, the senators keep it up even when they know nobody believes it. Oh, the presidential candidates have flipped the flop (other than McCain), though I am not sure anyone is buying it, but the senators are staying with the program even though it antagonizes the homefolk,

Politicians will lie if they have to, but usually when caught, they try to squirm away. Not on this issue. They characterize the bill as not amnesty with tough provisions, blah blah blah. How do I know they are lying? Well, I hope no one believes they have read 300+ pages and formulated their own opinion.

There is a scenario that goes through my mind of a polished oak paneled meeting room. A couple of men in impeccable suits are sitting across from a high solon,

First man, “Senator, we want to both thank you for your support and compliment you on the eloquence of your arguments in favor.”

Senator Toungtied, “Thank you, gentlemen. It is a noble cause and you can count on me.”

Second man, “In a few years you will be up for re-election. Your principled stand on this matter may not help your candidacy.”

Senator Toungtied, “I do understand that and I have to think about that. If my stand on this issue would deny my constituents my service............?

First man, “You know, the chair of the Quisling Institute of Applied Politics at St Hubbins University will be retiring about the time your term ends. Now, your love of the Senate is legendary, but we think you would be a great fit for the Institute and could only hope you would see service there as rewarding. Of course, we can't speak for the University, but, we have heard your name mentioned.”

Senator Toungtied, plays it a little coy, “Sirs, the Senate has been my life since I was first elected and I have a hard time picturing myself any where else.”

Second man, “Bob, may I call you Bob, the perks of being the Chair of the Institute are, not to be crude, enormous. Why the opportunities for travel are as favorable as Senatorial travel. I believe one could spend a good deal of the winter doing research in, oh say, a University in the Caribbean.”

Senator Toungtied, a little indignant, “Just what are you saying?”

First man, “Bob, Bob, We are saying nothing. We know nothing, .......for certain. The rumors of, say a liaison, are just that. What evidence there might be, well I don't know. Besides, since Clinton, voters have been more accepting. You are an adult and she was, well, close to being one.”

Second man, “Almost close to being one.”

Senator Toungtied, less indignant. “I shall never dishonor the Senate, and I am immune to threats. Be assured, gentlemen, my support for this bill is absolutely on principle.”

Second man, “We expected no less.”

The above scenario is rank speculation on my part. What I have to believe is that no one is doing this on their own. What sinecures are being offered, what disclosures of indiscretions are being threatened? Possibly none. There may be some form of pressure so novel and so perfect in it's subtlety that it leaves it victims proud of the betrayal.

The more I think about it, it should be easy enough to get this one over. Handicapping New England Republicans is a breeze. Snow and Collins of Maine are always embarrassed if they can't vote to the left of Teddy. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire has always been a go along to get along guy. Sununu, is hard to figure, maybe he hates the Bush family due to the way his old man was hung out to dry. In the South, Old Trent has been a eunuch for a while now. It should have been easy.