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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Pink Swastika and Immigration

About a week and a half ago here in the Peoples' Republic, we saw raw power at work. Opponents of homosexuals marrying had worked to get the question on the ballot. The legislature was required to vote on the measure. Having fulfilled prior requirements, if the referendum advocates had gotten fifty votes in the joint session of the legislature acting as a constitutional convention, the measure would appear on the ballot in the next general election. The day before the vote, the referendum advocates were sure of their reps and senators. The day of the actual ballot, they had lost. Several who had been counted as solid were turned.

In Massachusetts, raw power was unleashed. What promises were made are beyond my knowledge. There were all manner of carrots and sticks available to the gay lobby and its wholly owned subsidiary, Governor Deval Patrick. Many Massachusetts legislators have skeletons in their closet and it would not be without the realm of possibility that their peccadilloes were exploited.* Talk radio mentioned some job offers.

Now, I've stated my view on same sex marriage. I am a get the government out of marriage and anything else they botch. I have no illusions that the greatest beneficiaries of happy or gay marriage will be a corps of attorneys breaking new ground in the specialty of “gay” divorce law.

The basic point here is that if there is something a group, cabal, elite, whatever, wants, they can get it no matter what the constituency wants. They can bring extreme force to bear where it is most effective, while no matter how broad popular resistance is, it can almost never do the same.

Anyone who believes the anti immigration forces have the momentum should think again. I pray the day is won, but, I would not bet on it. Every second, the forces of amnesty are not resting. If there is something in a fence sitters record that can be exploited, it will be. The resistance has little such power except, maybe, a loss of popularity amongst the voters for a Senator who goes against their desire. Depending on the time between the vote and re-election, that has only so much value.

For a more in depth discussion of the issue from an insider (Paul Weyrich), see on immigration and on Massachusetts.

*So many of our solons have had the opportunity for government housing including room and board that Boston columnist, Howie Carr will put in his column when citing such miscreants, Rep. John Smith (D-MCI Norfolk) or for federal offenders Sen Mike Jones (D-Danbury). MCI=Massachusetts Correctional Institution. The two Ds are not because Democrats are inherently more criminal than Republicans. Rather, it is because there are few Republicans in the legislature so there are more members of the Cargo Cult in legal trouble at any one time.

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