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Monday, June 11, 2007

They Also Serve

Most of the bloggers to the right have commented wisely and well on the immigration bill. Unfortunately, the influence of bloggers is slight.

A couple of writers are on the list who might receive some stipend for their efforts. They, in this, maybe the most important question of my adult life, have not seen fit to comment. I suspect the subject is not cool enough for them to expose how they really feel.

There is one class of commenter on whom I must lavish fulsome praise. They are not my faves and I am not excited in having to shower them with homage. Let's face it, without talk radio, the game would have been up.

So does this make up for all the shilling that was done to get us into war and to keep us there. That is not for me to render an opinion on. There are 3500+ who have the final say on that.

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rho said...

However, let it never be said that the rightish bloggers don't think overmuch of their influence.

It's unfortunate, however, that the right-side of the "blogosphere" would undoubtedly embrace even an open-borders guy for the presidency should he make it that far in the primaries. For never doubt, the primary issue is the war--every other issue is secondary. Try frowning on the idea of a Guiliani presidency.