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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Voting for Ronnie is an act of futility, and I shall follow him to the gates of hell!

Half Sigma has come out for eye of Newt Gingrich for president. One of the things he adduces in favor of former Speaker Gingrich's candidacy is "Even though he associates himself with the Christian right, I'm comforted by the fact that he's been divorced twice and has a lesbian sister." Great stuff altogether. Maybe someday your man will have a daughter and she will come home and say, "Dad, I'm getting married and I want you to meet my intended. Guess what, he's one of those twice divorced Christian rightists. I don't know his sister's sexual orientation, but with luck, she's gay." Chacun à son goût.

Personally, I think the lad is wasting his vote as Newt, whatever his good points is one of those eternal war on terror guys. The way we are doing this so called war it will last forever with no effect except to enrich a crew of shrewdies.

Okay, I have brought up the concept of a wasted vote. I am often told I've wasted my vote as it is usually cast for someone who has no chance of winning or is part of some outré party, which is essentially the same thing. This is a bizzare definition. To me, anyone who voted for George Bush wasted their vote. Had Kerry or Gore ascended to the throne, I suspect by now, I would feel the same about a ballot cast in their favor. Further, one is hard pressed to believe that a vote for Dole or another term for Bush père would have resulted in a golden age. Maybe, there is a feeling things would have been less bad then under Clinton, but was not that the hope with Bush fils?

Here in the Peoples Republic, it is rare that the candidate of the Cargo Cult is not annointed. As it is a near certainty, any thinking person is free to cast a ballot for someone other than the major party hacks without changing the outcome. Generally, all three of us do.

The Republicans in my state are ridiculous lemmings. I don't disparage them for not being able to develop a message that would appeal to the welfare state mentality extant here in the "Cradle of Liberty." That would be impossible to do without completely prostituting themselves. I can't stand that they position themselves as a bunch of wets so that they may gather the few crumbs that fall for the table. More, I loathe them because they have no concept of strategic voting. In the last presidential primary, they dutifully voted for W. He was the only one on the ballot. Better they had all voted in the Dem primary for Al Sharpton. A great showing for Tawana's patron would have made the donkeys look stupid as Al is a clown, but you can't say that without having your racial correctness questioned. With the field such as it was, Al might have even scored a plurality and beaten Kerry. That would have been a vote not wasted.

As Gene Healy has pointed out, citing Loren Lomasky voting is like cheering. The idea that voting really really means something when no matter who gets elected, there is so little regard for the constitution in any of the three branches is silly at best.

Having said that, there is someone I do intend to cheer for in this election. I intend to vote for him with enthusiasm even though I am aware that he has no chance of scoring even a tiny blip on the electoral radar screen. I assume that the few of you who read this unworthy blog can figure who I am talking about. Yup, I'm shilling for Ron Paul. Though I cannot say that I am the world expert on the Congressman, from what I have read in following him as I have there is no where we disagree. If by a miracle, he actually won, it would be as if I won and did not have to serve. Can it get better than that?

I know, I know what you are saying. If he were to win, he would change. Heck, if he even got the nomination and could smell the possibility of actual election, he'd have the horrible temptation to move to the center and betray me. I read the Emerson quote, "Every hero becomes a bore at last," and it has never not happened in my life. I don't care, because what the hell. Anyway, he could have gotten ahead by going along and he has never yet done so.

Also, and this is key, he is still a practicing obstetrician, so I know he delivers.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


“Jockey of Norfolk, be not too bold,

For Dickon, thy master, is bought and sold.”

When the fix is in, there is nothing you can do. Your struggle will be merely writhing in the net.The fix is in and it has been for a long while. Border agents Ramos and Compean are coldly being hung out to dry. I am not the only one to comment on this, Dennis Mangan cites Russell Wardlow and Parapundit has weighed in.

I don't write with any hope of seeing the trend reversed. Our betters have decided on a course from which they will not be deterred. I don't know much about why they are so determined, but the actions of the last years are such that only wilful blindness would keep one from seeing what is going on. Sure, the meatprocessors and employers of domestics and other groups want a lot of serfs. Why it is so passionately pushed by so many others, well who knows?

The only thing I care about now are the little guys, Compean and Ramos. I read the Fox News account, and maybe they did violate a procedure or two and deserve some administrative action, but to go to a foreign country to find and immunize a drug mule carrying 740+ pounds of marijuana in order to give them each more than a decade of time is so small and vicious to leave me speechless.

Dennis quoted Russell Wardlow and I shall as well:

" feel like the only decent thing is to write more often about this truly shameful and infuriating spectacle, but it quite honestly makes me so angry that saying anything that's coherent and not laden with obscenities is too difficult."

Russell is right, of course, but it is just another signal of what is in store. Freeing the two men would be a good thing that I devoutly wish for, but in the end it will not matter. We are all being sentenced with them.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Schools For Scoundrels

The Libby trial is to start this week. I have no particular view on on the matter. He is not being tried for his real crime as a law against Gross Neoconnery is not on the books.

Still, he and his ilk are part of an American political problem that needs to be solved. I assert with no proof that we have to end student government.

You remember student government where a bunch of smart, smarmy kids learned early in life how to game the system. In theory, we were all supposed to be part of a process of government education. Most kids did not care, so a small cabal got favors from staff and faculty and learned it felt good. They also figured out the Woody Allen maxim about showing up making a difference. These kids graduate and climb up the sewer pipe of legislative staff, think tanks, journalism et voila, they become our rulers. It is a horrible apprenticeship. If the Libbys of this world, bright lads and lassies all of them, had not this scam, they'd have studied more useful subjects and benefitted us all.

Thi mini democracy should be replaced with a year long study of the Federalist Papers* and De Tocqueville as well as the constitution. We should not bother anyone under 90 IQ with study, but require they memorize the constitution. It may do no good, but it is within their ability and if they can throw back something of what they learned at their rulers, we are all just a tad safer.

* Full disclosure: I remember almost nothing of the Federalist.

Monday, January 15, 2007

n. 1. A citizen of a metropolis, especially one who displays urbane characteristics, attitudes, and values.

On Udolpho's website is a picture on the right side of a movie poster. I had clicked on that and read his review. Liking it, I decided to do the Inter Library loan thing and requested it. I quickly forgot that I had done so. Generally, it is easy to get any book or movie from the Massachusetts system. There was a problem as Metropolitan appears to have attained "cult" status. No library wanted to give out their criterion dvd edition. They are not so protective of the VHS copies so that when, months later, I realized the dvd was not coming, I received the old technology version in short order.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I forgot most of what Udolpho had written and it was an entirely new movie to me. I have watched it a few times now and see more to like with each viewing. That it was made for $100,000 in 1990 seems near miraculous until you think of the atrocities made for vast sums.

Metropolitan is a lost world. It was a world that was not even on the radar screen for most of us when it was in flower. I must be a reactionary to like it so much. Perhaps it is the contrast with our current republic of bad taste of which I am, to my shame, an all to willing part.

Anyway, it is a movie worth seeing and if you haven't, read Udolpho's review and then wait several months.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Real Joke

Senator Boxer came down on Condi Rice and it is all over the news. Barbara is upset because the progeny challenged Condi has no kids to send into combat, unlike Babs Boxer.

And who is the California senator kidding. We could have a gazillion jihadis on the the Mexican and Canadian Borders ready to swarm across and the children of the wealthy and connected nomenklatura would still not be called up even if we reinstated the draft.

If her complaint was that the Secretary had no one in danger, she, personally, had no standing.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Border Patrol Training 2007: Correct Methods For Assisting Drug Importers

When I was in college a classmate and I started the Free Richie Speck campaign. Richie Speck was a mass murderer who, with not a little sophistry, we turned into a "Committed Christian." No, we were not serious in wishing the liberation of a monster. We were lampooning the campus rhetoric of people who wanted to free anyone to the left of Stalin, of whom there were many in the sixties, "Free Huey" or someone else. Generally, when asked for concrete reasons the supposed victim was innocent, one heard slogans or vague arguments. It did not matter, being cool did. Cool is the greatest value and one can win the day if that is the high ground one holds in our society.

Well, there are two men who actually do deserve to be sprung. I'll not go into the particulars of the case, but anyone not aware of it should check out the details at Mean Mr. Mustard.

The previously blogged about Simone Clarke has the unwanted attention of the world. The case of Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean has been mostly in the dark as the message being sent is mainly for their colleagues.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fascism Watch rides again. Nazis can't pick on someone their own size!

the voice of humility does not consider himself a gallant. I do not see myself slapping someone and saying, "You have insulted the honor of Mademoiselle Clarke. We must meet on the field of honor, where it will be water pistols at any distance." Not my style.

Ah, but the times demand that we be more than we are and Fascism Watch must again come to the fore.

Years ago there was a cartoon of a rather slimy broker telling his client that there would never, ever be another depression and even if there were, we wouldn't call it that. Of course, there is Huey Long's statement "If Fascism ever comes to America, it will come wrapped in an American flag." Well, the bait and switch is alive and well across the pond, as The Brussels Journal reports. A group of neo nazis has the gall to call itself Unite Against Fascism. They are taking action. They are traveling to all the dictatorships that exist and demonstrating against authoritarian government. They will first confront Robert Mugabe and shame him into allowing free and fair elections. Then on to Myanmar and then to Cuba and then to.....

Actually, none of that. No the courageous crew is going to the center of evil, the ballet on January 12. Or as they pronounce it in the excruciatingly silly "Billy Elliot", the bally. As blogged about previously, there is a dancer who belongs to a beyond the pale political party, the BNP. An example must be made. Of course, as the Chinese say, "Kill the rooster to scare the monkey." Her life will be ruined so that David Cameron will never stray too far.

I know nothing of the BNP or what it stands for other than immigration restriction. What I know about Simone Clarke is that she had never meant to have her membership made public. Now one could say that was not completely honorable, but who would want to be subject to public persecution? Certainly, can one blame her after what has happened?

The BNP was happy to just have her fees. Well, I don't know about the BNP but UAF are liars.They claimed, The BNP is exploiting Simone Clarke's membership in order to promote and prettify their extreme right wing politics. If that were so, why did she have to be outed?

So they are going to beat up on one lone woman and demand her scalp, well job. In truth it would probably be more merciful if they just got it over and burned her at the stake instead of subjecting her to a life of pariahood.

Of course, what they are hoping for is what usually happens in these times. It is hoped she will do the same dance the pope recently performed where he pirouetted away from his own remarks. If she doesn't, and they have their demo and she still keeps her job, that will be a great defeat for the forces of faux tolerance. It would be glorious if the lynch mob foundered on the rock of a tiny ballerina who became the toughest man in England.

I have always thought that outing people, whether it be for sexual preference or anything else is a scummy practice no matter what the purpose. Some people, like Ted Haggard, may deserve it, but is still swinish. The Guardian and its goon, Ian Cobain have done a despicable thing and I include them in Fascism Watch along with the misnamed Unite Against Fascism.

So I am going to put my tutu on and you should too. We are all ballerinas now.

The Guardian, Ian Cobain, Unite against...whatever. You are under our scrutiny. Behave yourselves.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I've stopped counting

If you are a masochist and are looking for another reason why things have gone awry in the Land Between The Rivers, The Black Sea can help you.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Völkischer Beobachter rides again....... the Guardian.

and two of its writers appear to be trying to get the Goebbels prize. Paul Belien has the goods.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

He does not even know he is a neocon!

Mr. Quin Hillyer over at The American Spectator has written:

"Support President Bush's expected call for a troop "surge" in Iraq. It is impossible to be a true conservative and, at the same time, to accept defeat in a military endeavor in a key strategic area of the world. Forget the arguments about whether we were wise to topple Saddam or not in the first place. (We were right, by the way.) The fact is that we are there now, and if we don't secure the peace, we will have lost, and the loss will have horrific repercussions for stability in the Middle East and for American standing in the world. Every other option on the table (other than a troop surge) is, in effect, a strategy for managing a defeat, rather than for securing a victorious peace. Those other strategies are therefore unacceptable. Utterly unacceptable. And cowardly to boot."

Mr. Hillyer is very good at forgetting and he wants you to be as well. He forgets that the war was not sold to topple Saddam (that is what he wants you to forget the arguments about), but on WMDs. He does want you to remember, we are there now and we have to win or you are no conservative and you are a coward.

So we have to have the surge. The surge, and if it does not work? Well, that he does not address.

The big problem with the article is that Mr. Hillyer has no idea of what a conservative is when it comes to war and foreign policy. The only true conservative policy is the defense of hearth and home. Saddam was Iraq's problem not ours and the WMD scare was a scam. Is Mr. Hillyer so ignorant that he has never heard of the real conservative policy. John Quincy Adams said: "America is the friend of liberty everywhere but the guarantor only of our own."

I am in most things libertarian and when not libertarian, reactionary. In foreign and military affairs, I am conservative. JQA is still my Secretary of State.

I searched for a bio of Quin and found some. It does not say if he has any military experience. I don't know if he is a reservist and will be called up to participate in the surge. If he is not, then he should weigh his words before he throws around "cowardly," as he is all for others putting themselves in danger.

Hat tip to Clark Stooksbury

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Well Saddam is gone and I have little to say on the matter. The bloggers who have the best comments are in my humble opinion:

Martin Kelly

Dennis Dale

Josh Marshall

No Jimmy Cagney in Angels With Dirty Faces, he played his last hand as well as he could and had a good death. I wonder if our assorted warbloggers could do as well.

Anyway, If anyone has the address of the Iraqi AG, please let me know as I am working on a letter, rough draft below.

Dear Sir,

forgive my impertinence. I know you have just finished a long and arduous case and though I do not wish to bother you, this is, in my opinion, a matter of some import.

During what was known as the Gulf War I, as the ground campaign began, American Radio broadcast appeals to the Iraqi people encouraging them to rise up against the late Saddam Hussein. When people of your country did revolt, they were not given the promised assistance. They were slaughtered and I have heard figures of over 100,000 deaths in the ensuing conflict and reprisals. I doubt anyone would have volunteered to risk themselves had we not promised support. I do not know how Iraqi law governs these matters, but I would guess many in the administration of the current chief executive's father bear some complicity in the tragic events. Maybe you would wish to seek some extraditions. How high you go is up to you.

Also, that famous gassing, I believe we were de facto if not de jure allies at the time. Though no one in the administration at that time said a word, The current administration feels that that was such a horrible crime, as do many of my countrymen and woman who wax hysterical on the subject. I am sure they would feel it a stain on their honor if they did not give you every assistance.

I am not a lawyer, so I don't even know if anything I've mentioned is actionable. Best of luck.

Monday, January 01, 2007


the voice of humility wishes everyone a happy and politically incorrect 2007 Anno Domini.