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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Voting for Ronnie is an act of futility, and I shall follow him to the gates of hell!

Half Sigma has come out for eye of Newt Gingrich for president. One of the things he adduces in favor of former Speaker Gingrich's candidacy is "Even though he associates himself with the Christian right, I'm comforted by the fact that he's been divorced twice and has a lesbian sister." Great stuff altogether. Maybe someday your man will have a daughter and she will come home and say, "Dad, I'm getting married and I want you to meet my intended. Guess what, he's one of those twice divorced Christian rightists. I don't know his sister's sexual orientation, but with luck, she's gay." Chacun à son goût.

Personally, I think the lad is wasting his vote as Newt, whatever his good points is one of those eternal war on terror guys. The way we are doing this so called war it will last forever with no effect except to enrich a crew of shrewdies.

Okay, I have brought up the concept of a wasted vote. I am often told I've wasted my vote as it is usually cast for someone who has no chance of winning or is part of some outré party, which is essentially the same thing. This is a bizzare definition. To me, anyone who voted for George Bush wasted their vote. Had Kerry or Gore ascended to the throne, I suspect by now, I would feel the same about a ballot cast in their favor. Further, one is hard pressed to believe that a vote for Dole or another term for Bush père would have resulted in a golden age. Maybe, there is a feeling things would have been less bad then under Clinton, but was not that the hope with Bush fils?

Here in the Peoples Republic, it is rare that the candidate of the Cargo Cult is not annointed. As it is a near certainty, any thinking person is free to cast a ballot for someone other than the major party hacks without changing the outcome. Generally, all three of us do.

The Republicans in my state are ridiculous lemmings. I don't disparage them for not being able to develop a message that would appeal to the welfare state mentality extant here in the "Cradle of Liberty." That would be impossible to do without completely prostituting themselves. I can't stand that they position themselves as a bunch of wets so that they may gather the few crumbs that fall for the table. More, I loathe them because they have no concept of strategic voting. In the last presidential primary, they dutifully voted for W. He was the only one on the ballot. Better they had all voted in the Dem primary for Al Sharpton. A great showing for Tawana's patron would have made the donkeys look stupid as Al is a clown, but you can't say that without having your racial correctness questioned. With the field such as it was, Al might have even scored a plurality and beaten Kerry. That would have been a vote not wasted.

As Gene Healy has pointed out, citing Loren Lomasky voting is like cheering. The idea that voting really really means something when no matter who gets elected, there is so little regard for the constitution in any of the three branches is silly at best.

Having said that, there is someone I do intend to cheer for in this election. I intend to vote for him with enthusiasm even though I am aware that he has no chance of scoring even a tiny blip on the electoral radar screen. I assume that the few of you who read this unworthy blog can figure who I am talking about. Yup, I'm shilling for Ron Paul. Though I cannot say that I am the world expert on the Congressman, from what I have read in following him as I have there is no where we disagree. If by a miracle, he actually won, it would be as if I won and did not have to serve. Can it get better than that?

I know, I know what you are saying. If he were to win, he would change. Heck, if he even got the nomination and could smell the possibility of actual election, he'd have the horrible temptation to move to the center and betray me. I read the Emerson quote, "Every hero becomes a bore at last," and it has never not happened in my life. I don't care, because what the hell. Anyway, he could have gotten ahead by going along and he has never yet done so.

Also, and this is key, he is still a practicing obstetrician, so I know he delivers.


Black Sea said...

Half Sigma says of Gingrich: "He's a real person and not some Christian zealot."

Zealotry takes many forms, one of which is worship of the self. Gingrich will begin to exhibit characteristic religious traits only when he arrives at the perfectly logical (to him) conclusion that he is God.

There is abundant evidence that Gingrich, like most who pant and sweat after the Oval Office, is a deeply strange, disturbed, and often quite unpleasant individual.

As to Half Sigma's first assertion, not only do I question Gingrich's status as a "real" person, I would like to see some genetic proof that he actually qualifies as human.

I think he falls squarely into the neo-con camp, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he was cloned from alien DNA in a research lab at Area 51.

I realize I could have written all of this at Half Sigma's site, but I didn't feel like it.

tvoh said...

Your points about the Newtster are all well taken. When I first noticed him, he seemed sharp as a tack. His engineering of the Republican majority looked impressive. Of course he beat, the Dems, as stale a bunch as have ever infested the halls of Congress.

Too bad he believed it when people said he was a god. It's really too bad for him that he still believes it.

This may have been 1/2 sigs worst post. Still, he does post some interesting stuff.