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Thursday, January 25, 2007


“Jockey of Norfolk, be not too bold,

For Dickon, thy master, is bought and sold.”

When the fix is in, there is nothing you can do. Your struggle will be merely writhing in the net.The fix is in and it has been for a long while. Border agents Ramos and Compean are coldly being hung out to dry. I am not the only one to comment on this, Dennis Mangan cites Russell Wardlow and Parapundit has weighed in.

I don't write with any hope of seeing the trend reversed. Our betters have decided on a course from which they will not be deterred. I don't know much about why they are so determined, but the actions of the last years are such that only wilful blindness would keep one from seeing what is going on. Sure, the meatprocessors and employers of domestics and other groups want a lot of serfs. Why it is so passionately pushed by so many others, well who knows?

The only thing I care about now are the little guys, Compean and Ramos. I read the Fox News account, and maybe they did violate a procedure or two and deserve some administrative action, but to go to a foreign country to find and immunize a drug mule carrying 740+ pounds of marijuana in order to give them each more than a decade of time is so small and vicious to leave me speechless.

Dennis quoted Russell Wardlow and I shall as well:

" feel like the only decent thing is to write more often about this truly shameful and infuriating spectacle, but it quite honestly makes me so angry that saying anything that's coherent and not laden with obscenities is too difficult."

Russell is right, of course, but it is just another signal of what is in store. Freeing the two men would be a good thing that I devoutly wish for, but in the end it will not matter. We are all being sentenced with them.


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