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Friday, January 12, 2007

Border Patrol Training 2007: Correct Methods For Assisting Drug Importers

When I was in college a classmate and I started the Free Richie Speck campaign. Richie Speck was a mass murderer who, with not a little sophistry, we turned into a "Committed Christian." No, we were not serious in wishing the liberation of a monster. We were lampooning the campus rhetoric of people who wanted to free anyone to the left of Stalin, of whom there were many in the sixties, "Free Huey" or someone else. Generally, when asked for concrete reasons the supposed victim was innocent, one heard slogans or vague arguments. It did not matter, being cool did. Cool is the greatest value and one can win the day if that is the high ground one holds in our society.

Well, there are two men who actually do deserve to be sprung. I'll not go into the particulars of the case, but anyone not aware of it should check out the details at Mean Mr. Mustard.

The previously blogged about Simone Clarke has the unwanted attention of the world. The case of Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean has been mostly in the dark as the message being sent is mainly for their colleagues.


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