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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Function of NPR as explained by the recent Federal ukase regarding bodily functions in urban areas and our new dictionary definition

Recently in the news was the story of the two women who passed the tough US Army Ranger School.  Skeptics have noted that the media displayed the usual praise for distaff achievement.  The two women who completed the ranger course were tough, but had to recycle and got breaks no guy could expect.  That was not widely noted in the media and someone I know who has knowledge of the Ranger program was upset that "the press got it wrong."

To think the press got it wrong because they did not see or report the obvious is to not understand current reality.  The press got the orthodox line perfectly and reported it exactly as they should.  No where is this more so than National Public Radio.

I listen to NPR because every advanced totalitarian country has a ministry of information and one needs to know how one is supposed to feel on any subject.  Notice, I did not say "think."  

One should hardly be surprised that the official line is that the two women were trailblazers if not goddesses.  America is more and more looking like the words from Alice in Wonderland, “Everyone has one, and all must have prizes.”  Except, that is, actual rangers who are too cis for orthodox comfort.

NPR has devolved into the depths of bizarre   In a rare excursion to the Big Apple, while walking up 5th Ave, we saw a man somewhat normal looking in that he was dressed in typical American bad taste.  For the record he was Caucasian and, thank God, not of our ethnic group.  We are kinda sensitive about that.

Anyway, he walked up to a telephone stand, (there are no more booths) and urinated in broad daylight as if he had entered the men’s room.  

Bums are everywhere so what does this have to do with NPR.  About the same time as the "you go ranger girls" story was in the news they had a segment about the administration’s fight for an important civil right.  It seems holy mother state wants to have urban governments not merely help the homeless, but canonize them.  Arresting people for urinating and defecating on city streets is now a federal no no.  

NPR was true to form and despite the pretend tone of evenhandedness, it was easy to see they were on message as to the government being enlightened and only yahoos would not see the justice of the homeless loosening their bowels when they desire.

MSNBC, CNN or the networks and local stations as well as the remaining press outlets are propaganda organs, as is even Fox to a certain extent.  

NPR is special, however.  NPR is how the Inner Party communicates to the Outer Party what is Goodthink.  Now of course, there is at this point no actual Inner or Outer Party, but there might as well be for NPR true believers.

Here in the Nova Anglia the phenomenon is oft encountered.  There are many in places like Cambridge who readily hear the newscasts and believe.  Maybe in parts of the Midwest this is not evident except in some university towns.  Here it is all too pervasive.

Thus, we shall update our short dictionary when we get around to it with the following entry:

National Public Radio: American Ministry of Information.  Its news apparatus serves as the method the Inner Party communicates to the Outer Party how to feel and believe on issues.