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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who Cares? Tim Tebow and Class Warfare

The holy war is over. God lost as the secularist Patriots won.

Who cares about Tim Tebow and God? One heck of a lot of people in this country do. It should not have become all that important. In our ongoing class struggle, however, how one thinks on an issue marks one's position in society.

First, a wee primer on class warfare in modern, or, postmodern America if you will. In prior centuries, class was marked on you at birth. King at the top, then nobles and after that commoners. Commoners were either bourgeoisie or peasants at the bottom. Guess what, your ancestors were peasants. Yeah, maybe you can get a slight connection to Lord So and So on, but the pre-modern world was often on the edge of famine. Producing food occupied the time of most of the world's population. Nobody really cared what the peasants thought.

Today, in a "First World" with a stable food supply, class is not assigned at birth. That does not mean we don't have markers. Some are blatant such as income and occupation. An internist is considered higher on the scale than a plumber, even if the plumber might make a little more.

Some are more subtle. In this sense, class can be considered cooties for adults. The question becomes who is cool and who is not. What is cool is a detached, above it all persona, except when it's not. If someone does not play the game, it's inquisition time. This explains why people got bent out of shape over Sarah Palin. The lass never said anything profound. What politician does? Just being flyover girl was a problem.

Actually, she had a greater sin than that. It is one that Tim shares. He doesn't care what the cool people think. This bugs the chattering classes. Consider the words of über-cool guy, Bill Press:

Jesus said a lot of strong things. But one of the strongest things he ever said was: When you pray, don't be like those hypocrites who like to stand on a street corner and pray, so everybody can see them.

Somebody ought to tell that to Tim Tebow.

Broncos quarterback Tebow's not only a Christian. He wants everybody to know he's a Christian. He brags about it, constantly. He wears Bible verses on his face. He kneels in prayer after every touchdown. And he thanks his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for every win.

There's only one thing wrong with that. By dragging God into every football game, Tebow makes a mockery of Christianity - and trivializes religion. The truth is, God doesn't care who wins an election, a bingo game, or a football game. Sorry, Tebow, Jesus is not a Broncos fan.

That first paragraph is true. Press is correct. Time and place is everything. Of course, when the déclassé stand up and display their faith, it can be a powerful thing. When all the Polish Solidarity members publicly went to confession in the Gdansk shipyard, the atheist regime got antsy. Press is really saying, "Stay in the closet, don't be uncool." Bill is a Catholic layman. He forgets how, at least a few decades ago, all us Papist little leaguers would cross ourselves coming up to bat.

Tebow himself has made it clear that God does not care about football. Is he sincere? Maybe Bill Press has a window into his soul. You can be sure Press was a New England fan yesterday.

Press also said, Now, if you're one of the silly millions of Americans who loves Tebow's in-your-face kind of Christianity, consider this. What if he were a devout Muslim, who bowed to Mecca after every touchdown and shouted "Allahu Akbar?"

Somehow, I don't think we'd be celebrating him as a national hero.

That's my parting shot for today.

One would not be surprised if when that happened, Bill would find a Moslem standing for his faith refreshing.

Moi, I hope God, no matter how he is perceived, does not care. Football is boring. That's why they need cheerleaders.