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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fascism Watch rides again. Nazis can't pick on someone their own size!

the voice of humility does not consider himself a gallant. I do not see myself slapping someone and saying, "You have insulted the honor of Mademoiselle Clarke. We must meet on the field of honor, where it will be water pistols at any distance." Not my style.

Ah, but the times demand that we be more than we are and Fascism Watch must again come to the fore.

Years ago there was a cartoon of a rather slimy broker telling his client that there would never, ever be another depression and even if there were, we wouldn't call it that. Of course, there is Huey Long's statement "If Fascism ever comes to America, it will come wrapped in an American flag." Well, the bait and switch is alive and well across the pond, as The Brussels Journal reports. A group of neo nazis has the gall to call itself Unite Against Fascism. They are taking action. They are traveling to all the dictatorships that exist and demonstrating against authoritarian government. They will first confront Robert Mugabe and shame him into allowing free and fair elections. Then on to Myanmar and then to Cuba and then to.....

Actually, none of that. No the courageous crew is going to the center of evil, the ballet on January 12. Or as they pronounce it in the excruciatingly silly "Billy Elliot", the bally. As blogged about previously, there is a dancer who belongs to a beyond the pale political party, the BNP. An example must be made. Of course, as the Chinese say, "Kill the rooster to scare the monkey." Her life will be ruined so that David Cameron will never stray too far.

I know nothing of the BNP or what it stands for other than immigration restriction. What I know about Simone Clarke is that she had never meant to have her membership made public. Now one could say that was not completely honorable, but who would want to be subject to public persecution? Certainly, can one blame her after what has happened?

The BNP was happy to just have her fees. Well, I don't know about the BNP but UAF are liars.They claimed, The BNP is exploiting Simone Clarke's membership in order to promote and prettify their extreme right wing politics. If that were so, why did she have to be outed?

So they are going to beat up on one lone woman and demand her scalp, well job. In truth it would probably be more merciful if they just got it over and burned her at the stake instead of subjecting her to a life of pariahood.

Of course, what they are hoping for is what usually happens in these times. It is hoped she will do the same dance the pope recently performed where he pirouetted away from his own remarks. If she doesn't, and they have their demo and she still keeps her job, that will be a great defeat for the forces of faux tolerance. It would be glorious if the lynch mob foundered on the rock of a tiny ballerina who became the toughest man in England.

I have always thought that outing people, whether it be for sexual preference or anything else is a scummy practice no matter what the purpose. Some people, like Ted Haggard, may deserve it, but is still swinish. The Guardian and its goon, Ian Cobain have done a despicable thing and I include them in Fascism Watch along with the misnamed Unite Against Fascism.

So I am going to put my tutu on and you should too. We are all ballerinas now.

The Guardian, Ian Cobain, Unite against...whatever. You are under our scrutiny. Behave yourselves.

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