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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I'm a nobody from nowhere. If that were not enough, I've taken up blogging and it has not exactly been a self esteem lift. I edit and think I've got it right and a few days later, when I'm deleting the word processing document and see my uncorrected mistakes, I do feel stupid. I feel Sister Therese is looking down from above and saying, "We did not expect much anyway."

So when a major institution goofs up, it is a boost to my spirits. In an article by Michael Powell and Nina Bernstein titled In Tragedy, Glimpsing Oft-Overlooked Newcomers’ Lives I came across this paragraph,

"Lurking behind their economic troubles is another reality. Roughly 3,5000 Malians enter the United States each year on temporary visas. But precious few attain achieve citizenship: About 85 Malians a year, and as few as 19, since 1996. Only a handful have been granted asylum, typically women seeking refuge from genital cutting, which is widespread in West Africa."

Mike, Nina, (please, I hope you don't mind me being so familiar) I think you meant "attain or achieve." Don't mention it. I am always here for you. Okay, Sister Therese, lay off!

I know, I know. I'm being unfair. Mike and Nina work fast and leave the editing to someone else. Maybe all the money lost at the paper of record has meant the lesser staff is not as good as it once was. I'm jus greatful, becaus f they can slak of at the Grae Lady, So ken i.

Hat tip to Dennis Mangan.


Black Sea said...

Perhaps Mike and Nina, while "researching" this article, were in fact holed up for a week in a swank Brooklyn apartment, snorting coke, smoking weed, and binge drinking their way through innumerable bisexual encounters, all the while faxing in deathless journalistic prose lofty enough to earn them repeated promotions from America's newspaper of record . . . or wait, maybe I'm confusing them with a former Time's award winner.

Oh well, if their editorial (or lifestyle) errors gets the better of them, they can always write a book about their oppression under the NY Times' plantation system.

Black Sea said...


" . . if their editorial (or lifestyle) errors get the better of them" . . . not "gets."

One of the dangers of being a smart ass.

tvoh said...

" . . if their editorial (or lifestyle) errors get the better of them" . . . not "gets."

One of the dangers of being a smart ass."

Do not beat yourself up over this. The Times has set the standard. You are just following it.