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Friday, June 27, 2008

Not The Meaning of Life, but Not Without Meaning

Linked from the resurrected Ilkka is a blog post about Tim Russert. Of course, by now it should be Tim Russert who? The import of the article is that Tim was fat, but he had no trouble getting on the case of deceased smokers. People talking about him are tiptoeing around his weight. Rest his soul, but he was hefty and did nothing about it and felt very good about being a non smoker.

When I was a kid, pre civil rights, there was a story told in Black American dialect that I thought contained a lot of wisdom. I suppose it might offend someone, but it is apropos and I'll recount it.

Preacher engages a ferryman to take him across a river. As ferryman is rowing the preacher asks him, "Son, do you smoke?" Ferryman answers, "Yes Rev, I does." "Son, one fourth of your life is over."

Little while later, preacher asks, "Son do you drink?" Ferryman, "Yes, Rev." "Son two fourth of your life is over."

Later, "Son, do you chase women?" "Yes." "Son, three fourths of your life is over."

The ferryman is now very nervous. So nervous and shakey, he forgets his skill on the river and hits a rock. The boat crashes and the ferryman swims to shore.

From shore he shouts to the preacher, "Hey Rev does you swim?" The preacher answers, "No son, I do not." The ferryman shouts, "Well Rev, four fourths of your life is over."


NoExpertsNeeded said...

...just a quick note to thank you for the chuckle...from a swamp gal now in Calif.

I guess the recent passings of both Russert and Carlin had me thinking less about what they could've-would've-should've done to be in better health, etc., and thinking more about thanking my lucky stars that I had the honor of saying 'goodbye' to my Dad months before his sudden passing.

As I see it, it's our we live, what we do, etc. It's also our choice to say 'goodbye', before it's too late!

Thanks again!
Louise Lewis, author
No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!
Free copy at:

tvoh said...

Dear Louise,

Thanks for the kind post. Being able to say good bye to the folks is something wonderful. I'm glad you had that privilege.