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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Equal Rights in Soccer-Fifty Cent is still alive-Branding yourself


A man of vast gravitas in the US Senate is upset that the US Chick Soccer side is being stiffed as they are getting a pittance for their world-historic victory while the dude team is getting huge bucks even though they were eliminated early on.

Normally, we do not take notice of panem et circuses events.  Nevertheless, we agree the enrichment of the wimpy lads and the impoverishment of the macho babes is an injustice.  Fortunately, we have a solution.

The voice of humility proposes a "grudge" match.  Winner take all the money awarded.  We anticipate justice being served by the trouncing of the boys.  Please, however, do not contact suggesting a wager.

There that is done and Senator Leahy can get back to other less important causes.


I know nothing of the man other than the name of a song that I have never listened to.  It transpires that a news report says he is filing for bankruptcy.

We are sad for his failure as he accomplished neither of the tasks he set out for himself in the title of his signature work.

The late Doctor David Brudnoy said all you need to know about rap.  He noted that Warren Beatty in the movie Bulworth, "Raps badly, which is a redundancy."


According to The Independent, people are now branding themselves.  Not a big surprise that, you say.  Madonna is a brand as are other celebrities.  Why should not common man or woman be their own brand.

That is not what is meant in the article.  It is that tattoos are not enough and the desired image must be seared onto the flesh.

The voice of humility does not wish to brand himself a prophet, but we were on top of this back in early 2007.  Our reasoning was off from what the article suggests, but so what, we knew it was coming.

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