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Friday, August 07, 2015

Save America and shrink America! Viva Puerto Rico Libre, Vivia Detroit Libre!

So Puerto Rico can't pay the bonds.  Not an economist, my guess that means effectively they are broke if not legally bankrupt.  There is no need for wailing and gnashing of teeth.  This is a golden opportunity that unfortunately will not be taken.

PR wants help which is translated to bailout by guess who.  Hint, it is an avuncular relation named after the great judge of Ancient Israel.

The voice of humilty suggests we pay the debts of that commonwealth, but with a price.  They take independence and never ask for another cent.

We all know, they are asking to be put back on their feet so their corrupt political class can borrow anew.  This on top of all the federal largesse they already receive.  Enough is enough, we have our own supply of regional kleptocrats to deal with on the mainland.

Which is why the solution is to make them not our own.  Detroit went through the process of restructuring and is all better.  We know in our hearts that unless there is always someone responsible from outside motor city with access to the brake, nothing will change in the end.  Therefore, the voice of humility lends full support to the DIM or Detroit Independence Movement.  This is not secession as settled at the end of the late unpleasantness, but expulsion

Any other basket cases should get the same treatment.

I know, I know, but we can dream.

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