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Monday, October 19, 2015

Review of Submissive Women-There is more to Julian O'Dea's life than Audrey

I only accidentally found out about Julian O’Dea, but that is how one comes across a lot on the internet. I stuck with him due to his affection for the movie, Metropolitan. Actually, It is the female lead of the movie, Carolyn Farina that is his true focus.

In the comments of one of his posts he wrote, “Yes, I readily admit to having a “screen crush” on her.” What our Australian friend has is not a crush. His obsession is such that I would be surprised if he went full on John Hinckley, but not by much.

My experience of living sort of stopped when I got here to my exurban backwater. It is quiet and boring here and that is the attraction. Reading the tales from Submissive Women and Other Stories brings up what it was like to be younger and in a different milieu. This is not to say all of his characters are striblings, but none are too old.

The Young Wife reminds me that the young, when given the chance, will do the thoughtless thing.

Old School Friends is a riff on you can never go home again, except when you do. The encounter is what one should expect, I guess.

The Young Nun Visits the Doctor is another of Mr. O’D’s meeting after lapse tales. She is affected, but it changes no life.

YouTube is a bit of a departure as the service becomes a true youtube with an uncanny coincidence, if it is coincidence.

An unexpected bequest changes the course of a young woman’s life in The Woman and Art. Her aunt’s house was left to her and she makes the most of it without realizing it and becomes grateful.

The Bluestocking regards a woman who may be ready to do anything but still has the inner prude.

In The One That Got Away, what did she get away from? The narrator, feminism?

The life moves on, but with memories theme runs through. I am no critic, so what I write take with a grain of sand. Stll, his style is excellent and the price was right. I had a pleasant afternoon.

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