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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Am I missing something

There are some things in life I don't get. For example, Donald Trump is supposed to be one of those master of the universe gazillionaires who hemorrhages money as he just can't stop making the stuff. If this is so, why is he giving seminars all over the country to supposedly tell his countrymen and women how to make as much money as he does? If I were Mr. Moneybags, the last place I would want to hang out is with the hoi polloi (of which I am a member in good standing) to tell them how they can be just like me, thus erasing any uniqueness I might possess.

Thinking there is something that does not meet the eye, I googled to try and find if he was really rich as Croesus. It seems he does have assets, but there has got to be something wrong here as success to me would mean not having to spend time on the road in Holiday and Hampton Inns across the country giving the same spiel over and over. If he isn't a pauper, he's a nut.

Something not meeting the eye is more or less today's theme. Pierre Gemayel's assassination this past week, with the blame placed on Syria, set alarm bells off in my head. To that purpose I propose a thought experiment. Let us pretend to be the President of Syria in a meeting with his trusted advisors. "Okay, lads, next order of business, should we assassinate someone this week. How about Pierre Gemayel. He and his family hate us. If we get this guy everyone will pin it on us and we shall have America salivating even more to bring down the regime. Last time we took out someone, we had to remove all our troops from Lebanon. Tell me the net upside?"

In the same vein, we have the case of Alexander Litvinenko, given something that didn't agree with him in London and succumbing from indigestion last Thursday night. The hue and cry surrounding his death has centered on the executive of an Eastern European country. Again, let us do the thought experiment thingy. A certain fellow named Vladamir Putin is in a meeting with his trusted advisors. "Okay, lads, next order of business, should we assassinate someone this week. How about Alexander Litvinenko. He is a part of the Berezovsky circle. Now if we could get Boris back and put him on trial, that would be something. Sasha Litvinenko, just how important is it to lose this guy? Tell me the net upside?"

I dared not give voice, I mean blog to my thoughts as being the voice of humility, I thought them to unworthy to mention. That was until I read Martin Kelly's rantings that are different from my paranoid rantings in that they are in much greater and better detail (linked from Dennis Mangan). Worth looking at. I am not linking to any one post in particular as there are so many of them.

If anyone has the net upside of getting rid of Gemayel in Lebanon and some B list critic in London , please let me know.

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