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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm being channeled

It isn't really so. I hardly think that little me has influenced William S. Lind over at Defense and the National Interest. I am certain that he does not know this blog exists. Still I take it as vindication that my ideas have some validity somewhere.

We differ in that Mr. Lind does think we should put Saddam back. His reasons are cogent, but as stupid as the war was and is, I can't get my mind around putting Himself back in power.

Unfortunately, I agree with Mr. Lind that it would be the smart thing to do. I have other reasons. Saddam coming back would be seen as our defeat. It rankles me no end to see my country lose, but we lost the war when we started it and if we can salvage something, it is an ill wind etc. If we lose a stupid war, we may, for a generation, not be inclined to get into another one. If we find someone and he is perceived to be our boy and can survive despite that perception, we may be able to claim a sort of victory, we may sucker ourselves into another adventure.

No, it will have to be someone credible as a Sunni resistor. There is only one big name in that field.

Let's just go. There are going to be consequences anyway and it is not worth Bismarck's Pomeranian grenadier.

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