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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

nVI Day

the voice of humility officially designates today, December 5, 2006, not Victory in Iraq Day. We have taken this unprecedented action in light of the testimony of Mr. Robert Gates, the President's nominee for Secretary of Defense. Mr. Gates said we are not winning. tvoh is sure there is a sense of betrayal among many, many bloggers. Even so, we do suspect that there is still not a hair out of place on any of the well coiffed manes. The same cannot be said for many of the fellows they cheerlead into battle.

Among other reasons for taking this drastic step is the memory of being on active duty the day the cease fire was signed with North Vietnam. Our section chief referred to it as HPVN day, Honorable Peace in Vietnam in accord with Nixon's oft quoted words, "Peace with honor." If the voice of humility can't smell a set up at his advanced years, then he has truly wasted his life even more than his relatives have suspected.

I assure whatever few readers I have that there is no pleasure in this as there are 2906 of my countrymen in graves.* Once an Irishman said to me when I asked him why I should do a certain thing now, "Because you're a long time dead." What did these lads, who will never wake, die for?

That does not mean I am beyond taking some satisfaction. From the blog is a link to an Instapundit timeline. If this man were a really great lawyer, he would certainly go to court to suppress this as it is embarrassing beyond words.

*It's probably considered bad form, but I shall also mention that significantly more Iraqi's have attained the same peace.

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