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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Will that be one hump of two?

The blog The Black Sea reports on the camel sacrifice practiced by Turkish Airlines maintenance staff. The owner of the blog actually flies that airline. He reports the food is good for airline food. Hmmm, I wonder if they are serving fresh filet of camel. I am culinarily adventurous (in a humble way) and would not be adverse to trying dromedary steak on a flight,assuming there is no mad camel disease . I would watch to make sure that the camel sacrifice held on the tarmac was not how they supplied the galleys of the jetliners. Anyway, if they can guarantee where the camel came from and the cleanliness of the processing facilities, Turkish Airways is now the official airline of the voice of humility for at least one flight to Istanbul.

One thing I don't get. I assume all or most of the staff is Muslim. It was my impression that animal sacrifice is a pagan thing and not Islamic. Of course, as the meat was distributed to the participants (so I read somewhere), only the camel was making any real sacrifice and that may be allowed in The Church of the Camel.

Which, apropos of nothing, reminds me of the saying, No pain, no gain. I've seen my fair share of people suffering and getting nothing out of it. In fact, the more pain, the less gain. I remember slipping and falling and breaking a wrist. It hurt like hell. I don't remember anythng good such as some cosmic lesson coming out of that except to wear non slip shoes in icy conditions.

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