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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I think I've found what I've been Looking for.

Glaivester has an old post on something called White Privilege. He links to Sara Anderson who does not like it.

All I know is this is horribly unfair. I am a descendant of the most benighted peasantry in history. We have never been wealthy or powerful. Why have we been left out. We are so melanin challenged we burn but never tan. Why don't we qualify.

There is an injustice here that needs to be righted. I want some of that White Privilege and I want it now.


Sara E Anderson said...

Sorry, you already have it. It's something that other people give to you. If you don't think it's all it's cracked up to be, you might want to reassess your up-cracking.

tvoh said...

Gosh, I really have it and I don't know it!

Lassy, if I really had it and it was something great, I would know it.

Still, judging from the skin tone of your picture, I wish you luck in shedding your vast privilege. I would, however, doubt you have got beyond the navel gazing stage.

expat said...

The wealthiest ethnic groups in the US are East and South Asian. And a lot of those benefiting from "white skin privilege"(meaning, I guess, money and power) turn out- on examination- to be not the hated Christians, but Jews.

The WSP theorists seem to be trapped in the world of the Sixties,when their kind of analysis had some salience.On the lower end of the scale all-white construction unions with high-paying jobs hasd yet to be subject to the pressures of AA and illegal immigration. At the heights the old homogeneous WASP ruling elite did exist,but it that is now gone with the wind. There are WASP front men-like the moronic Bush- but the architects of the Iraq War-to take a prominent example-were mostly Jewish Likudniks and their fellow travelers.

If there were really such a thing as WSP then working and middle-class whites would be able to effectively resist their dispossession by the combination of bad "free trade" deals and mass(and largely illegal) immigration. All this, of course, ardently championed by the white elites(both Christian and Jewish) who feel they have absolutely nothing in common with the ordinary "Joe Six-Pack" white.

expat said...

That link to Glaivester doesn't work.

tvoh said...

Hi expat,

I think the link is now fixed.