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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Do not use me so, I wish to be known for my mind.


Okay, I admit I am a horribly flawed human being. I am always consulting sitemeter to see how much traffic comes here. I love it when someone arrives due to a search for Quintilius Varus. Unfortunately, the biggest search is for the girls in the picture above. What is also interesting is the places the searches originate from. They tend to be often Middle Eastern or if European, cities known to have large Middle Eastern populations. In this country, university towns are heavily represented. I have the feeling the people who are looking at the Italo-Celtic Central Massachusetts babes are not spending as much time studying the holy books as they should be.

Anyway, I am not a pimp and in a few days, the picture will be gone.

Do not use me so, I wish to be known for my mind. Though that may not be all that great an idea.

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