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Friday, February 29, 2008

Proof that Communism is dumb

The Israeli Water Guy has picture after picture of Maria Sharapova. He seems to have an interest in, if not obsession for La Femme Russe. Like Cromwell, "I meddle with no man's conscience,"* so that is not my business.

My interest in all this is how it proves the silliness of Marxism. When I was in elementary school there was a series of geography books through the grades. The one with a section on the Soviet Union had pictures of women laborers. None of them would be on a Paris runway, though they might have replaced a few NFL linebackers.

Nowadays, it seems like all the Russian women we see can't take a bad picture. What I deduce from this is communism produces ugly women or the Russians have better cameras under capitalism.

Or does communism produce bad cameras and capitalism, beautiful women?

*Unlike Cromwell, I don't slaughter the wrongly conscienced.

Note; If you share your man's interest, you have to scroll down and through old pages for the whole series of pics. He is not uninteresting in his other posts, though his neoconnish tendencies are apparent.

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