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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Facism Watch

This blog is new, does not have that many viewers, so it is probably time to offend someone.

I do not see myself as a crusader of any kind. I was a bit of a screamer when young and have many reasons to regret thoughts and actions. There are only a few that I would be proud of if humility were not my major characteristic. So, I am reticent to speak ex cathedra.

There are a few times I'll go of my own reservation and do some small thing. This is one.

There is a fellow, Paul Belien, out of Brussells who has an interesting newsite called the Brussells Journal. Though I find his website well written and his arguments well reasoned, it is a bit too neoconnish for me to endorse 100%. Under those conditions, I would not normally bother mentioning him at all.

So, why? The Belgian state appears to have him in its sights. They cite the usual justification, but as always it boils down to the crime of political incorrectness. There is no one who does not know we are not one big happy family, just no one is supposed to say it. I doubt Belgium has free speech safeguards like our First Amendment.

I have a hunch that much of the free speech goes on in the world because of our anachronistic First Amendment. Government and Supreme Court have not yet found a way to deep six it. Oh, they nibble at the edges, but haven't been able to take a deep bite out of it. If we did not have that in place, I suspect other, so called free, countries would be more likely to suppress speech. As it is, there is a standard they might not like, but are hesitant to be seen denying.

It is not from a grand sense of generosity that I do this. Sure, I wish Mr. Belien well. In a selfish sense, I hate to see free speech censored anywhere, as someday it may hit home.

So from today, we are linking. The Belgian state is under scrutiny. Behave yourself!

We shall do our best to unleash Facism Watch infrequently, but to effect.

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