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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I was wrong

There is a folk tale from my neck of the woods.* A car gets a flat in front of a State Hospital. The driver gets out to fix it. He jacks it up and takes off the bolts. Accidentally, he kicks over the hubcap where he has placed the bolts and they roll down the sewer. He yells out in despair. One of the inmates comes over to the fence and inquires to the problem. He then says to the driver, "Why don't you take a bolt from each of the other tires and put it on the spare and that will get you to where you can buy new bolts." The driver says, "Gee, that's a good idea. What is somebody as smart as you doing in a place like that." The inmate answered, I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid."

So, what's the point. I just want to cover myself. A few posts ago, I made the point that W is not stupid. I stand by that point. John Kerry is stupid and has given another example to prove it. I am not certain W is sane. If he bombs Iran, it will either prove him crazy or his advisors. I have nothing against the insane, but if their actions will bring harm to the interests of my country and myself, I have a problem.

I hope William S. Lind's column of October 31, 2006 is wrong about the administration's intentions, but if it is not, the consequences he outlines are sure to happen. Steve Sailer says that there is not much to the Iranian military. He is probably right in that they do not have all the spiffy gear our troops possess. They don't need it to cause a lot of trouble for us. Iran does not have to have an up to date military to just disrupt oil supplies from the Gulf. Maybe I am just a nervous nellie, but that scares me, a lot.

Therefore, I am changing my tune from my last post. The dems are still primitives, but some of them could prove useful. Any dem who promises to agitate for impeachment and trial should receive your vote. In the unlikely event a GOPer promises it, vote for him. I don't care if the pres is kicked out of office at the end of the day, as Cheney is no prize. I just want to cause maximum distraction for the remainder of the term. Of course, in the one party state I come from, however I vote changes nothing. I will still be able to safely vote for neither the Cargo Cult nor the other gang of charlatans.

Oh, that state nuthouse of the folk tale. It is closed. some of those places deserved to be shut. Unfortunately, closing them all was a mistake. Ralph Peters has proved that complete de-institutionalization of the insane was a big mistake. Of course, sometimes you can't tell the players from the spectators in that sport and he may have a marketable treatment and a book out of his idea of "therapeutic violence."

*You may have the same folk tale, but I claim we had it first.

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