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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

That North Korea Bomb Thingy and how not to do foreign policy

So Kim says he lit the big one.* And, we are going to do what about this? Squat. Yeah, diddily. One, of course, hopes that if anyone chances by these words, they are intelligent enough to have realized we were never going to do anything anyway. I reveal no great truths.

Of course, our pres who I defended a few posts ago, told us he would not tolerate Kimmy possessing the nukes. What is George II going to do, hold his nose until he turns blue?

Okay, a little history here. A few state of the union speeches ago after throwing Osama down the memory hole, your man told us there was an Axis of Evil and we better do something about it. The intelligence division of the voice of humility has verified the existence of the "Axis." We had proof that the three nations were attempting to be in constant contact in order to coordinate their joint plans. Unfortunately, due to its inability to print up enough counterfeit US money and thus suffering a shortage of funds, North Korea ran out of string somewhere in the Himalayas and anyway they could not decide whether to give the can for the other end to Iraq or Iran.

Still, Iran and North Korea got the message. Being in the sights of a hyperpower concentrates the mind.. What to do. Why not buy, say a half dozen carrier groups and, oh, maybe a thousand fighter jets to forestall an adventure by a coalition.**

Of course, the abovementioned scenario is not on. What do you do if you have decided not to roll over. Saddam did not get it. Anyway, we knew he had no nukes and was going to be no problem. If we really thought he had nukes, we would have given him the North Korea treatment. Iran, a little more savvy about it, but the neocons still have Persia in their sights.

North Korea has played us like a violin. We can't do too much as we have to take China, South Korea, Japan and Russia into consideration. About all we can do is talk about how Kim is crazy. Then again, that is how we generally talk about our enemy du jour. I remember, as a boy, how we described Mao and Chou as madmen. If someone is not considered crazy, he is called another Hitler. Our opponents may be vicious and vile, but to mistake a desire to survive and even win as insanity only puts ours in doubt.

Our post war foreign policy has seen us in several wars, one big which we tied and one, a major loss. Our only unequivocal victories were Panama and Grenada. To Paraphrase Dickens, If this is how the US treats its Foreign Policy, it does not deserve to have one.***

*Washington Times says US intelligence doubts it was the real thing. They speak on condition of anonymity, of course. Not a bad face saver I guess. Still, maybe Kim just shoved a few tons of cherry bombs in a cave as part of his keep running 'em in circles strategy.
**I suspect our next coalition is going to consist of San Marino, Andorra, and Monaco.
***I am not suggesting that NK would not seek a bomb no matter what, nor do I suggest Clinton's policy was any better. Here is a better strategy at Winds of Change. Also Thrasymachus is worth reading on the subject.

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