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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pittsfield-The place to be young, liberal, politically correct and...white.

Boston's WCVB has an evening show called Chronicle.  It is well done and the subjects are wide ranging, but always something to do with New England. Sometimes it's new business or medical advances pioneered regionally.

Often, it is a destination that one from their metro Boston coverage area might want to visit. Last evening, it was Pittsfield.

Pittsfield was a one industry small city in the Massachusetts Berkshires. General Electric dominated the town until they bugged out.  As usual, when the big employer left, hard times ensued.

Chambers of commerce and civic boosters always try different tactics to bring about a hoped for renaissance. Sometimes it works, as when a community college satellite campus can be brought in. No one in Massachusetts ever calls for a state prison as the new job provider, but in a few places there is the call for a casino.

Sometimes it just happens. It helps if there is a surplus of low cost real estate that is not derelict and in a beautiful spot.

And, it happened in Pittsfield.

The co-hosts waxed poetic about all the new shops and eateries that have opened up, and they are all attractive venues. The food prepared at Eat on North looked looked to be a pleasant dining experience.

All the residents and entrepreneurs and artists featured look youngish or at least well preserved and, shall we say it hip. Oh, and shall we say it, white

Should that matter. As a live and let live type, not to me. The folks on the Chronicle episode all appear to be people who could be trustafarians. They may not be, but the meticulous casualness of their bad clothes seems to betray that.

There is one other aspect of all these cool folks, I don't think there was one African-American among them. Usually, that seems to bother people. There was not a peep of protest from anyone on the staff or townspeople.

It would cause an emergency insertion of a pacemaker if Pittsfield were a hotbed Trumpism.

It would be the perfect place for black brunch to show up. Ain't happening in that whitopia.

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